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DollChic – is a project of Moscow fashion-photographers art duo LePier (Petr Tishkov & Elena Kostina).

Author of the dolls is Petr Tishkov. Elena is responsible for public relations and organization works.


DollChic it’s BJD Fashion Doll ¼, made of polyurethane, height 16,5” (42,5 sm).

Premier of DollChic brand took place in October 2013 at the IX International Doll Salon on Tishinka in Moscow. 

The concept of project - an embodiment of true femininity in all its forms. All joints thought out in terms of idealization and body aesthetics.

DollChic cast in the best Russian workshop Stardolls (Moscow). She have 19 points of articulation, including double joints at the elbows and knees. Dolls perfectly fix any position.


Production DollChic has three areas: Basic, Prêt-a-porte Collections, Haute Couture OOAK. At the moment the DollChic project has 9 face sculpts and 8 skin tones.


Also our project Dollchic includes male dolls. The premier of Mr.Chic took place in Paris Fashion Doll Festival in March 2015.

Mr.Chic dolls are is very attractive! They have very sculptural and masculine body, with anatomically verified proportions and looks great paired with many fashion dolls of format ¼.

They also have 19 points of articulation. Height is 45,5 cm.

It is very nice to keep Mr.Chic in hands he behaves just like alive, all because the doll have a nice heavy weight as it is made from high quality polyurethane. We have 5 face sculpt for now.

We always try to make interesting dolls to please you with our creativity!


Wish you all the best and stay tuned,


Petr & Elena

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